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The founder of the Košúty Home for Social Services for Adults is the Trnava self-governing region. Košúty Home for Adult Social Services is located in the village of Košúty, 5 km from Galanta and Sládkovičovo and 35 km from Trnava. We have been operating in the social sphere since 1953.

We provide social services in a year-round residential form to a person until retirement age, if he is dependent on the help of another person and his degree of dependency is at least V, or blind or practically blind and his degree of dependency is at least III according to Annex no. 3. Our company also provides social services to a person who is dependent on the help of another person, his degree of dependency is at least V according to Annex no. 3 and has a disability, which is in § 39 of the Act on Social Services.

The social service is provided for a total of 69 recipients, for 20 clients as a home of social services and 49 clients as a specialized facility.

We accept applicants for social services from the age of 18 to our facility, who:

  1.  we provide
    assistance in reliance on the assistance of another natural person,
    social counseling,
    social rehabilitation,
    cleaning, washing, ironing and maintenance of linen and clothes,
    personal equipment.
  2. we provide
    development of work skills,
  3. we create conditions for safekeeping of valuables

    In 2019, we successfully participated in the National Project Deinstitutionalisation of Social Services Facilities - Support for Transformation Teams (https://npdi.gov.sk/co-je-deinstucionalizacia/).

    Our facility adheres to the values that define the quality of social services provided and allow recipients of social services to spend their daily lives in an environment that creates a sense of security, protection and respect for human rights. We respect human dignity and social rights, all with a human empathic approach. We invest in the education of employees prepared to address the needs of recipients of social services.

    Pursuant to Act 184/1999 Coll. we allow the use of the language of national minorities in the facility.